About Us

Note: As of September 2nd, 2019, our website will move from http://strikeouttargeting.x10host.com to http://strikeouttargeting.com

Nothing is more American than the game of baseball.  The Peanuts, Hot Dogs, Beer, Burgers, and Cracker Jacks are all part of the American summer scene.  Nothing is more Un-American than the surveillance abuse that constantly plagues each and every American ever since 9/11.  In fact, this 21st Century Zerzetsung has started way before 9/11 and has its roots in the MK Ultra and COINTELPRO programs that began around 1954.

Other names for this program are “Targeted Individuals”, “Silent Holocaust Survivors”, and “Contract Stalking” / “Electronic Assault”.  We prefer to use the name “Surveillance Abuse Survivors” because it is the most accurate of all phrases that do not give the government any credence or victory in its nomenclature.  We believe that the other phrases create an attitude of giving in to the enemy before one even starts to understand how to fight the issue.

Strike Out Targeting is an awareness campaign that is geared towards getting those who are Surveillance Abuse Survivors together in front of sporting events to expose the Surveillance Abuse Survivor Program.  Strike Out Targeting was created by the Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network (SASN).  It was created as its own brand for the promoting of events around sporting arenas and is not part of any other organization’s intellectual property nor is it part of any other activism effort, although SASN does work with other agencies in the fight against surveillance abuse.

In 2018, the idea for Strike Out Targeting was born.  You can read more about the birth of Strike Out Targeting here.  Since August 29, 2018, we have had several football themed events (Sack Surveillance Abuse) held throughout the calendar year, including the AFC Championship and Super Bowl in Atlanta.  We held our first basketball event (Slam Dunk Targeting), and west coast event on March 21, 2019.

We are looking for regional organizers in all MLB, NBA, and NFL sporting markets so we can quickly organize events throughout the United States until this heinous program is over with.  Interested parties should call Brian Marks at (321) 722-7217, Gina Risner at (816) 213-1985, or Reginald Dawson at (904) 405-2490.

In 2019, we will have a Strike Out Targeting Event at the MLB All Star Game (Strike Out Targeting All Stars) at Progressive Field in July 2019.  We encourage all who wish to participate in the events to call into the Tuesday Night Activism calls at 7:30 PM EST.  Follow us on Facebook to find out the latest.