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NFL Schedule for 2019 Announced Today

Sack Surveillance Abuse National Week is Week 17: December 29th.   Local events will be announced as soon as we have an organizer for each market.  Interested parties, contact Brian Marks at (321) 722-7217, Gina Risner at (816) 213-1985, or Reginald Dawson at (904) 405-2490. Source: NFL NFC East DALLAS COWBOYS Sept. 8 vs. New […]

Slam Dunk Targeting: Sacramento: Our First West Coast Event

After many attempts to contact true surveillance abuse survivors on the west coast, we finally came into contact with the Bay Area Support Group, headed by Constance Rose and Michelle Hachey, who introduced us to their liaison Justin Whitworth.  Justin courageously helped us organize the first west coast event for Strike Out Targeting: “Slam Dunk […]

MLB Going Full-Blown TSA: Teams Prepare To Scan Millions Of Fans Faces

MLB Going Full-Blown TSA: Teams Prepare To Scan Millions Of Fans Faces

Mass Private I | Source URL I hope you enjoyed America’s favorite pastime because by the end of this year, nearly every Major League Baseball (MLB) team will be using facial recognition. Last year, their were only nine MLB teams using CLEAR’s facial recognition to spy on fans. But all of that is about to change. This […]

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